200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

The Art & Science of Transformation

  • When: Bali Immersion September 5-20, 2020 + 4 months online learning, self-paced (about 5-10 hrs per week)

  • Where: The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

  • Qualification Received: Hatha Yoga Instructor with refinements in Philosophy and Meditation

  • Accreditation: Yoga Alliance - 200hr RYT

About the training

The One Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for those who aspire to become yoga teachers and/or for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga.

This unique teacher training enables a rich exploration into the art, science and spirit of transformation. Together we experience the alchemical effects of the potent integration of the following:

  • Daily yoga practice - guided by master teacher to awaken spiritual insight

  • Pranayama (breathing practices)

  • Meditation

  • Daily puja ( daily bringing of the heart to gratitude and offering)

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Transformation theory

  • Spiritual inquiry, contemplation

  • Time in silence

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Sound healing

  • Community sharing

  • Spiritual teachings

  • Delicious & nourishing food

  • Idyllic, beautiful environment

A Journey of Transformation

Using principles of transformation, which will be both learned and applied, this course is designed to take you on a journey into the depths of your being to discover the freedom and happiness that is your essential  nature.  As the program progresses we progressively explore subtler levels consciousness and gain tools to work on these new found levels of being.  If one is sincere, courageous, open and determined,  this journey will  trigger a transformation process; and in doing so, it will awaken dormant potentials.  The last days we resurface to explore how to skillfully integrate these discoveries into our daily life and how to live a life of great purpose and contribution. 

Deepening Practices for Spiritual growth

The Hatha Yoga training introduces students to subtle/advanced practices that will  provide students with tools for spiritual growth, including

  • Expanding Awareness

  • Deepening Acceptance

  • Discerning the source of suffering and the source of freedom

  • Self inquiry

  • Meditation

  • Contemplation

Our Intention

Our intention is five fold:

  1. To create a direct experience of transformation through deepening self knowledge and deepening self acceptance

  2. To provide the tools, knowledge and wisdom gained through direct experience to support the continual unfolding of your spiritual life.

  3. To prepare students to be confident, knowledgable, and compassionate teachers should they choose to wear that hat.

  4. To cultivate a community of like-spirited community

  5. We all have fun in the process! Yay

Curriculum overview

The following is a summary of techniques and principles that will be taught in the training.

Physical dimension

  • Posture alignment principles

  • Sequencing of postures

  • Teaching principles, skills and methodology

Energetic dimension

  • Pranayama

  • Energetics and subtle anatomy

Body-mind dimension

  • Mindfulness and equanimity practices

  • Concentration, meditation, and interiorization of awareness

  • Body-mind connection and health

  • Mindfulness journaling for transformation

Spiritual dimension

  • Eastern principles of spiritual transformation and awakening

  • Western principles of spiritual transformation and awakening

  • Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion)

  • Karma Yoga (yoga of selfless action in life)

  • Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge)

  • Contemplative self-inquiry

  • Nonduality


  • Transformation Philosophy - Eastern and Western

  • Ayurveda

  • Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine principles

  • Five elements principles of healing and thriving

  • Integration and Spiritual Awakening


  • Detailed postural alignment and adjustment workshops

  • Philosophy and technique

  • Ethics

  • Practicums

The emphasis of this 200hr training is Hatha Yoga with introduction into the other major Yogas including Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana.

What makes this training unique?

  • Faculty of master teachers with an average of over 20 years experience

  • Set in one of the highest energy centers of transformation in world - Ubud, Bali

  • Includes two bonus modules, not found on other trainings:

    • Ayurveda - The Art and Science of Life and Healing’ (10hrs)

      • learn how to customize different yoga practices for different times

      • discover your personal constitution and how to stay in balance

      • your food, environment, practices for optimal thriving

      • taught by Ayurveda doctor with highest qualifications

    • ‘Yoga- The Art and Science of Transformation’ (10hrs)

      • learn how to leverage your practice for genuine transformation

      • discover conditions and obstacles to success on spiritual path

      • be ready for big shifts - this training is designed to create personal transformation

      • taught by master teacher with 20 years devoted to study of Transformation

  • Learn a simple ‘tried & true’ method for confident and impactful teaching

  • Format to suit modern lifestyle ( 2 wk Bali immersion + online learning - self paced home)

  • Connect to the deep spirit of yoga - taste freedom and happiness that is your true nature

  • Receive authentic yoga teaching grounded in lineage (vs. modern innovation)

  • Relax and thrive in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion, safety and inspiration

  • Receive grounded and impactful spiritual guidance

  • Yoga taught as a spiritual system to awaken inner happiness (vs. yoga as performance)

  • Tanya (head teacher) is a spiritual and transformation coach, and is passionately dedicated to your happiness and fulfillment