We offer a holistic training that includes physical, energetic, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of Yoga.


  • Asana practice

  • Posture alignment principles

  • Sequencing of postures

  • Teaching principles, skills and methodology

  • Environment, diet and nutrition


  • Pranayama

  • Energetics and subtle anatomy

Psychological- Emotional DIMENSION

  • Mindfulness and equanimity practices

  • Concentration, meditation, and interiorization of awareness

  • Body-mind connection and health

  • Mindfulness journaling for transformation


  • Eastern principles of spiritual transformation and awakening

  • Western principles of spiritual transformation and awakening

  • Contemplation

  • Meditation

  • Self Inquiry


  • Transformation Philosophy - Eastern and Western

  • Ayurveda

  • Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine principles

  • Five elements principles of healing and thriving

  • Integration and Spiritual Awakening

Detailed curriculum breakdown

FOUNDATION Principles Covered

The primary emphasis of this teacher training: 

  1. Living with Awareness

  2. Loving Acceptance

  3. Non-Attachment

  4. Discernment into nature of suffering and the source of freedom

practices & Techniques

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Contemplation

  • Self Inquiry

  • Puja

  • Maona - Silence

  • Listening to Satsang (Wisdom Teachings)

  • Bhakti Yoga (Devotion)

  • Karma Yoga (Receiving the moment with gratitude and acting in service without attachment)

  • Upasana Yoga (Reconditioning new healthy habits)

  • Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Self Knowledge - Oneness)

  • Yoga Ethics & Values

  • Skillful Means

  • Mindfulness

Community exploration: How can we bring yoga to life?

  • Food – sacred nourishment

  • Relationships – conscious communication, sacred masculine feminine

  • Community – consciously coming together to support and be supported

  • Environment – honoring the sacred symbiosis

  • Contribution – align your greatest gifts with the worlds greatest needs

  • Daily Life - living consciously in an unconscious world

* This is done in a group exploration and sharing format

Teaching Yoga

  • Taking the seat of the teacher

  • Qualities of a teacher

  • Detailed postural alignment and adjustment workshops

  • Philosophy

  • Ethics

  • Adjustments, assisting, correcting

  • Intelligent sequencing

  • Integrating themes through pract

  • Communication & voice

  • Techniques of teaching

  • Honoring your students

  • Teaching safely

  • Practicums

Bonus Module 1

THE ART and SCIENCE of transformation

  • What is Yoga?

  • A Yogic Lifestyle - An ancient and sacred womb for spiritual transformation

    • Dharma, Puja, Karma, Sadhana, Sangha

  • Universal Principles in Transformation

    • Balance (HaTha)

    • Integration (Yoga)

  • The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

    • In Healing

    • In Spiritual Transformation

  • The Process of Transformation through the Vedic lens of:

    • Karma Yoga

    • Classical Yoga

    • Advaita (Transcends and includes Transformation)

  • Spiritual Transformation and Awakening:

    • Conditions and Obstacles to Transformation

    • Tools, Techniques,

    • Virtues and Values , Skilful Means

    • States and Stages

    • Fundamental Insights

    • Process of Awakening (deeper patterns and cycles)

    • Mindfully Navigating The Awakening Process

    • Modern Transpersonal Psychology

Bonus Module 2


  • Ayurveda-informed yoga classes to balance dosas - different practices at different times

  • Understand your unique constitution anyhow to stay in balance and thrive

  • Dietetics

  • Healthy living habits

  • Panchakarma - biopurification in Ayurveda

  • Kitchen remedies of Ayurveda

  • Individual constitutions - how we uniquely relate to each other and to life

Spiritual Note:

This training is not about acquiring something, rather it is about discovering the tools and wisdom, inherent within, to support the dissolving and letting go of limiting beliefs about the self and the world, so that we may know freedom as our essential nature. 

 The transformation process of the spiritual path is characterized by moving through cycles of contraction (challenge) expansion (insight and opening). One must bring forth virtues of sincerity, self-responsibility, self compassion, determination, humility, openness and perseverance to walk the path. It is important to be psychologically ready and healthy to attend.