One Yoga Teacher Training Faculty

Tanya Kaps will be the head teacher with a significant contribution by co-teacher Greg Kaps. They are a sister-brother combo, describing themselves as best friends and kindred spirits. Together, with over 30 years of combined experience and study, they cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and openness, inspiration and authenticity. In one moment you may find yourself in the depth of philosophical inquiry, the next you will be barreled over in laughter and lightness. Whatever you are doing, you will feel deeply cared for. Tanya and Greg love bringing music, yoga, and spirit together through kirtan. Bhakti yogis at heart,  the training will be infused with the joy of kirtan, that promises to melt hearts wide open and deepen the sense of connection to each other and to spirit. 

Tanya Kaps


From her earliest memories, Tanya remembers being deeply fascinated by the question - what makes happiness?  Why are some people happy and others suffering?  She had a series of  powerful spiritual experiences and insights that began nearly twenty years ago. In attempt to orient herself, she dedicated her life to exploring yoga and the nature of transformation of consciousness and self-realization. She began by studying by attaining an Integrated Science degree that looked deeply at how things are interconnected and how they evolve overtime.  Shortly after, her study turned inward marking the initiation of a spiritual journey that has continued for nearly two decades.  Daily yoga practice and self inquiry continued to be the consistent core of her exploration and primary source of insight. Her inquiry was supported and deepened by further study in western systems such as integral theory and transpersonal psychology and eastern systems such as Zen  and Taoism which revealed an undeniable corroborative thread.  Although language and techniques varied, all pointed to deep and universal underlying patterns of how human consciousness expands,  how suffering stops, and how true and lasting happiness is found. 

Tanya's Hatha practice began with Bikram's beginners yoga, and continued on to study Vinyasa, Power, Anusara, Yin and Restorative methods.  Her practices deepened to include pranayama and meditation practices.  In the past 5 years, the emphasis of her practices turned toward Jnana yoga.  She continues to study the sacred texts including Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and listens to teachings of Vedanta from her teacher Swami Vagishananda.

Having studied through the lens of both Eastern and Western systems, and having partnered  academic study with intense dedicated practice - she offers a rare and refined understanding that is both balanced and integrated. She has been teaching yoga internationally for 15 years. Her wisdom, expertise, and compassion opens hearts and minds as she shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey of awakening and the power of yoga to guide us home.

Greg Kaps


Greg draws from many different lineages and styles, focusing on the essence of yoga held in each, creating an adaptive class setting that honors the traditional in the light of modern needs.

Rich in yogic philosophy and discipline, Greg’s classes are engaging and focused while keeping the energy light. His attention on breath and the flow of energy draws students into a deep state of concentration that allows for blissfulness. As students learn to identify with this blissful inner space, and grow their awareness of the body, mind, and emotions, it brings about a profound shift in physiology and consciousness. The result is equanimity in any situation – becoming less affected by the ups and downs of life.

Through the practice of yoga, Greg personally overcame physical, mental, and emotional challenges. He lives and experiences the blissful benefits of long time practice with a day to day attitude of peace, playfulness, inspiration, and devotion. Greg genuinely encourages others to have dedication and faith the yogic process, and trust that yoga can truly heal and bring peacefulness to any life.

Having practiced and taught yoga full-time for 10 years, his life is dedicated to humbly guiding others through their yogic journeys of self-realization. Greg spent many years traveling the world, studying in India and abroad with a wide range of teachers from globally recognized masters to spiritual gurus of different lineages. He has taught over 7,000 public classes, led international workshops, trainings, and maintains a devoted self practice and commitment to personal inquiry and growth.

Quoting the words of his teacher, Greg says, “Yoga should be sincere, not serious. Serious is from the mind, sincere is from the heart. If your heart is in it, then the universe will unfold to fulfill your dreams”.

Tina Nance


Tina Nance, an Australian-born yoga teacher, has been teaching yoga and movement meditation around the globe for the past 12 years in classes, workshops, retreats & teacher trainings. Tina is trained in both classical Indian yoga, Chinese taoist yoga & yoga therapy. Tina is deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect directly and experientially with their body, mind and spirit. Her work is rooted within the understanding that most contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of the misalignment of our thoughts & behaviors with the truth of who we are. Tina's yoga is therefore focused on consciously unravelling our body's contractions to harmonize our physical body with our essential essence. Cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness, conscious breath and unobstructing the flow of prana through the body's energy channels, allowing the embodied realization of our body's, mind's and Spirit as One.

Tina has travelled and taught throughout Australia, Europe, America and Asia. She is currently living and teaching in Bali, Indonesia. ( 2015 faculty only).

Jo Brown


Jo is an internationally trained yoga teacher, presenter, writer, women’s wellness and sacred sensuality mentor. Aussie born, with a corporate past life, Jo has been on a humbling journey of self inquiry for a quarter of a century. She was trained over 25 years ago by a physiotherapist healer in energy bodyworker while studying and teaching yoga, dance, feminine sensual rituals and meditation. 

She has since trained under the tutelage and been privileged to share knowledge alongside various international teachers. These include Australian, American, New Zealand and British vinyasa and restorative yoga teachers, sports physiologists, physiotherapists; medical doctors, masters of biochemical nutritionist, mindful business educators, personal development/keynote speakers and buddhist zen monks.

Jo now presents on the energy science of the body and spirit for contemporary spirituality. She also travels Australasia facilitating corporate and public events on women’s wellness, educating on the duality between the striving of the outer world and the silent witness within us. She has a strong premise on women reclaiming the feminine through deeper spiritual practice. Especially in maintaining grace and receptivity in the current climate of business and culture.

Her vocation has taken her across the globe working with public and business groups and individuals. Jo has also managed, consulted and facilitated in evidence based wellness, corporate and yoga retreats for the past two and a half decades throughout Australia, Asia and the UK.

She is passionate about creating a fun, motivational and inspiring environment that elicits profound and soulful change. She has a compassionate appreciation of teaching self support through life’s inner and outer transitions. Jo is an advocate of gently relinquishing into the breath of asana. Her ‘“jam” is in exploring body-mind integration and the sacred masculine and feminine within. Jo draws from the deep well of yoga to encourage transformations and juicy insights about our own divine shakti and shiva. 

She is a published writer currently writing a book on Evolutionary Love through the Reclaiming of Feminine Intelligence.


Puja -shiva big fire, shivananda.jpg

Shivanandahas been a student of hatha yoga and jnana yoga for 20 years. His formal training in the traditional vedantic, tantric and yogic sciences, such as Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Jyotishi (vedic astrology), Vaastu (vedic cosmology), and Tantric ritual, under the mentorship of world renowned masters (Hart de Fouw, Dr Vasant Lad, Pandit Rami Sivan) gives him uncommon qualifications as an authentic teacher of Yoga.


Justin Thomas


For the past 25 years, Justin has been exploring the transformation of consciousness that occurs through meeting life's seemingly insurmountable challenges. Since adolescence and the onset of a chronic pain condition, his practice of mindfulness journalling has been the main resource of support, wisdom and release from the psycho-emotional spiral that often accompanies increasing physical restrictions. It is through this practice that all can be witnessed for what it is, including the gratitude and spaciousness evident in all experiences of density when we drop our resistance to them. Justin offers individual counselling sessions, discerning the potential resources, empowerment and transformational opportunities that life's crises and existential dilemmas offer. He is currently working on a book on mindfulness journalling as a process for transformation and runs workshops exploring the connection of mind and body in contemplative writing.

Rachel Ellery


Rachel began her career in London in 1992, working as a sports therapist and gym instructor. She completed a four-year BSc Hons degree at the British School of Osteopathy in the year 2000, and began her osteopathic career in New Zealand the following year. Since that time,Rachel has integrated further osteopathic and movement education into her practice, treating newborns, children, pregnant moms, sports-specific patients, and the elderly.

Rachel also qualified as a Pilates rehabilitation instructor in 2005, and combines a range of neuromuscular re-education exercises and patient management exercise with a variety of special dynamic osteopathic techniques, soft tissue work, harmonics, muscle energy approaches, articulation, manipulation, bio dynamics, and cranial-sacral therapies to suit individual patients.

Rachel has had the privilege of teaching anatomy to students of osteopathy in New Zealand since 2002. She is now inspired to be sharing this knowledge of anatomy and physiology in yoga teacher trainings  to support aspiring teachers in guiding safe, enjoyable and rewarding practices. 

August 2017 FACULTY

Tanya Kaps,  Greg Kaps,  Rachel Ellery,  Justin Thomas,  Jo Brown, Sivananda