One Yoga Teacher Training Faculty

Tanya Kaps


Tanya has been practicing and teaching for 20 years. She is a spiritual guide and transformation coach, and is currently populating an online platform for higher yoga learning on In addition to Hatha Yoga, she teaches Jnana Yoga (a.k.a Advaita Vedanta), the Yoga of Self Knowledge as invoked by her teacher to support others in finding Moksha - freedom through Self-Knowledge.

Following a series of  powerful spiritual experiences and insights that began nearly twenty years ago; in attempt to orient herself, she dedicated her life to exploring yoga as a path of transformation via deepening self knowledge and deepening self acceptance, and ultimately moksha (freedom through self realization). She first attained an Integrated Science degree that looked deeply at how things are interconnected and how they evolve overtime.   Her inquiry was supported and deepened by further study in western systems such as integral theory and transpersonal psychology and eastern systems such as Zen  and Taoism which revealed an undeniable corroborative thread.  Although language and techniques varied, all pointed to deep and universal underlying Simultaneously, during this time, her inquiry turned inward marking the initiation of a spiritual journey that has continued for nearly two decades.  Daily yoga practice and self inquiry continued to be the consistent core of her exploration and primary source of insight.

Tanya's Hatha practice began with Bikram's beginners yoga, and continued on to study and teach Vinyasa, Power, Anusara, Yin and Restorative methods.  Her practices deepened to include pranayama and meditation practices.  In the past 10 years, the emphasis of her practices turned toward Jnana yoga.  She continues to study the sacred texts including Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and listens to teachings of Vedanta from her revered teacher Swami Vagishananda. Having studied through the lens of both Eastern and Western systems, and having partnered  academic study with intense dedicated practice - she offers a rare and refined understanding that is both balanced and integrated and accessible. Having taught over 500,000 students internationally - she sees the thread that connects and hopes to shine an inspiring light on the universality of the spiritual journey and the power of Yoga to help guide us ‘home’. She will remind you of what yoga is designed to reveal, ‘home is here and now - you are already whole, already holy, already free - always have been, always will be’ .

Greg Kaps


Greg , Tanya’s brother, is a profound teacher of depth, grounded understanding and embodiment. His guidance creates deep shifts in the practitioner. He draws from many different lineages and styles, focusing on the essence of yoga held in each, creating an adaptive class setting that honors the traditional in the light of modern needs.

Rich in yogic philosophy and discipline, Greg’s classes are engaging and focused while keeping the energy light. His attention on breath and the flow of energy draws students into a deep state of concentration that allows for blissfulness. As students learn to identify with this blissful inner space, and grow their awareness of the body, mind, and emotions, it brings about a profound shift in physiology and consciousness. The result is equanimity in any situation – becoming less affected by the ups and downs of life.

Through the practice of yoga, Greg personally overcame physical, mental, and emotional challenges. He lives and experiences the blissful benefits of long time practice with a day to day attitude of peace, playfulness, inspiration, and devotion. Greg genuinely encourages others to have dedication and faith the yogic process, and trust that yoga can truly heal and bring peacefulness to any life.

Having practiced and taught yoga full-time for 10 years, his life is dedicated to humbly guiding others through their yogic journeys of self-realization. Greg spent many years traveling the world, studying in India and abroad with a wide range of teachers from globally recognized masters to spiritual gurus of different lineages. He has taught over 7,000 public classes, led international workshops, trainings, and maintains a devoted self practice and commitment to personal inquiry and growth.

Quoting the words of his teacher, Greg says, “Yoga should be sincere, not serious. Serious is from the mind, sincere is from the heart. If your heart is in it, then the universe will unfold to fulfill your dreams”.

Dr. Abhishek Joshi


Dr Abhishek Joshi was born and raised in an Indian family where Ayurveda was in daily practice. Born in a place which is much revered as a holy and spiritual place “Somnath” in the western part of India he had imbibed the powerful spiritual vibes right from his childhood. The practice of yoga and meditation was instilled at a tender age in his life by his mother who is a yoga teacher at the local school in India. She used to manage minor ailments at home with kitchen herbs which sowed the seeds and inspired Dr. Joshi to further dive deeper into the scientific exploration of the holistic sciences.

This beginings inspired him to pursue a degree in Ayurveda School at India (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery – B.A.M.S – 5½ years duration). His zeal in the science continued and he further did his post-graduation (M.D – 3 years duration) in Ayurveda. He was the topper in his university with a distinction for his master degree. He went a step further by embracing and internalized the knowledge of Ayurveda by pursuing his PH.D in Ayurveda at most prestigious institute of Ayurveda in India Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (IPGT & RA), Gujarat Ayurveda University (G.A.U), India. He was a doctorate of Ayurveda at a young age of 29 years.

His keen interest in yoga and meditation was also very much alive and he became a skilled Meditation & Yoga teacher at age of 26 years. He is involved with the Art of Living Foundation, which impacts lives of millions of people round the globe across many countries. Dr Joshi has taken Art of Living happiness programs for participants from 12+ countries.

He practiced and taught Ayurveda and yoga at a traditional Ayurveda hospital in Kerala, India for a year when he got a call from his university vice-chancellor to take up the task of spreading Ayurveda to other parts of the world. He was appointed as Chair of Ayurveda at young age of 31 years in a 53 years old university in Bali, Indonesia.

He has presented on Ayurveda at many national and international seminars with his research published in several papers and journals. He is passionate about teaching Ayurveda and is very popular among his students. He has taught and practiced Ayurveda in India and Indonesia. An avid speaker, he has delivered awareness classes on Ayurveda diet and life style on various platforms.

Since 2014 he is at wonderful island of Bali, consulting and teaching Ayurveda. He is working on introducing Ayurveda education and clinical practice in Bali, Indonesia. He is integrating the Ayurveda and the knowledge of ancient Balinese healing “Usada Bali”. With vast clinical experience spreading across clients from various countries he is one of the most insightful practitioner and teacher. He is a perfect combination of authentic knowledge and practical wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga. He consults his clients with traditional Ayurveda principles along with modern scientific approach.

He guides his clients with diet and lifestyle changes, pranayama, meditations, and therapeutic yoga. He also prescribes Ayurveda herbal medicines and Ayurveda treatments if required. All aimed at physical as well as psychological wellbeing of the clients. His passion to help people, easy approach, gentle nature, dedication to the holistic practices and Ayurveda medicines makes him well respected among his students and patients.