The Living Yoga Program is a highly recommended—however not required—option to receive a 200hr continuing education certificate.

The Living Yoga Program (LYP) is offered to students at no extra charge. Our desire is to support graduates post training in assimilating the teachings and insights gained from the training. Once graduates return home, the real transformation begins as they integrate the yoga into their life. The program includes:

  • receive 3-4 videos / week from Tanya

    • teaching tips

    • practice tips

    • spiritual guidance

  • staying connected on FB with community sharing

  • upkeeping a daily practice

  • support in taking your first steps in teaching indoor home country

  • ‘follow your bliss’ - self study in an area of personal inspiration

  • final project - selfless service (often the highlight of the whole program)

The Living Yoga Program balances guidance and structure with freedom and personal exploration, as well as dedicated personal practice with engaging community support. Participants will receive three videos weekly to guide you in developing your practice, your teaching, and bringing the yoga into your life - 'where the rubber really hits the road'.  Other components of the LYP include contemplative journaling, self directed study, and seva (community service). The final project promises to be the most rewarding component of the program, the fruits of your work will be expressed as in an act of contribution to your community.  

Living Yoga Program details

LYP is an assimilation and personal-deepening program that includes the following components:

A. Yoga on the mat practice (min 4 times/week)

Regular practice continued over a long period of time bears fruit. The best teachers are the ones who teach from the direct experience that arises in their personal practice. We encourage you to practice 4 - 6 days a week. This is done via the honor system.   You get out what you put in.  Allow a deep self-love, a passion for truth and a trust in the yoga to bring you to your mat each day.

B. Contemplation, self inquiry, and karma yoga

Combining the practices of contemplation, self inquiry and karma yoga, spiritual insights are applied to daily life—in both the mundane and profound moments, the smooth flowing and the challenging moments. It is said the degree of passion you bring to your yoga is directly reflected in the degree of transformation you see in your life.

To support this process, you will be guided to take time each day for self reflection and contemplation.   Start and end each day with listening  to spiritual talks or reading  spiritual teachings. to bring your being into dharmic alignment and from this place you navigate your day.  Throughout the day you will  remind ourselves to really 'be awake', to live with awareness, to live with care,  and to consider and apply these teachings in real life, in immediate ways, in everyday ordinary moments.  In the evening , before bed, let the last thoughts align with the highest truth by listening to a spiritual talk, or reading a spiritual text. This is a potent practice as it  helps release the held stress of  the day so the assimilation process of sleep is most powerful.  

This is  karma yoga. It is the yoga of now - being conscious of your actions and attitude in all moments.  To support your karma yoga, you will be sent emails to help guide this deep and transformative living yoga practice. 

C. Practice teaching classes

Just dive in and begin teaching—practice practice practice. Try to teach at least one class a week. You may be working at a studio, a community centre, your workplace, or teaching  your mom in your living room. Just start teaching. Naturally, each time you teach your confidence will grow, and as a result your teaching will refine over time.

D. Knowledge Deepening

One book each month, of your choice,  will be chosen to support you in deepening your understanding of yoga.  At the end of the LYP, you will submit a video sharing your thoughts about what you learned with your fellow trainees.   Students are encouraged to identify a branch or topic of yoga that deeply inspires them, and take this as an opportunity for directed study and personal development. For instance you might be interested in ayurveda,   or perhaps yoga history inspires you. Maybe you are facinated by  mind-body science,  the science of breath or  yoga philosphy. Whatever truly inspires you take this as an opportunity to follow your bliss.  From a employability perspective, this will be an opportunity to become more specialized, and therefore be able to offer something valuable and unique to you yoga community. 


Unlike most month long immersions, our trainee community can actively stay connected long after our Bali immersion has completed. This is a very special and important aspect of this program. Having the support of a 'like minded' community is one the key ingredients for smooth and successful transformation.

We provide all Living Yoga Program participants to community a members-only Facebook page and Youtube channel where we can share the challenges, insights, obstacles and breakthroughs of this journey we are taking together. 

Each student is asked submit a video each month to our members-only YouTube channel to share insights with your fellow trainees. Building on the understanding and insights gained from the teacher training immersion, you will be given guiding questions to orient your contemplation and sharing. Videos are not meant to be daunting, rather we encourage an authentic, casual, spontaneous approach to creating these videos. This YouTube channel will be a wonderful way for our community to stay connected and feel supported. Although we will watch all videos, you will not be graded—its your sincerity and passion that we and your fellow trainees are excited to see.

Final Project details

The final project is the culmination and expression of the fruits of your dedication. Bringing all your skills, passion and wisdom forward as an act offering to your community. This is an opportunity to directly experience the impact of one of the highest teaching of yoga: the more we give, the more we grow spiritually, and in this way, the final project promises to be the most rewarding component of the entire program. 

OPTION A: Lead a 'One Yoga Challenge'  (Most Recommended) 

A One Yoga Challenge (OYC) is a 30-day yoga challenge that integrates community building, fundraising and living consciously.

The entire training program prepares you for this final project. Through this project, you are given the opportunity to take everything that you have learned and offer it as a gift to your community.

Find a studio that will host you, or a space you can use for one month. You may lead it alone or partner with another teacher. You can choose any cause that inspires you and help raise money to support the cause. This will be a group effort: We will help provide you with resources to help make your event successful. You will also have the support of your fellow trainees who will also be running a OYC for the first time. 

More information on the OYC will be provided at the training and during the Living Yoga deepening program.

The OYC  is very close to Tanya's heart. She has lead OYC's in the past with inspiring results.  Cumulatively, the OYC has raised nearly 70,000 $US, and provided food, clothing, shelter and education to128 orphans in Uganda and Haiti.   It is powerful and elegant model with big impact for all those involved - the students, the studio, the local and outreached communities, the OYC  teacher.


If leading a OYC doesn't feel aligned with your unique talents and skills, you can choose to offer in some other way. We will leave this up to you.  Choose something that both inspires you and also challenges your comfort zone.  There are many possibilities, for example you may want to offer yoga classes for 'at-risk' youth, or at a women's shelter,  or offer  'by-donation' yoga classes at the local park with the money going to a cause you believe in. We are open to any idea you have. The key is to allow inspiration guide you. 


Maybe you are an artist at heart. Perhaps your final project is creating something that expresses your greatest gifts that aligns with your deepest truth. This is wide open. Maybe you create a video documentary, create a blog, record a song, or make an photography or painting exhibition. Once again, the key is to let inspiration be your guide, and you will naturally  inspire others. 

One Yoga Continuing Education Certificate

Additional Certification if The Living Yoga Program is completed

Those who choose to participate in the Living Yoga Program and complete 100% of the components will be issued an additional 200hr continuing education certificate:  

One Yoga Continuing Education  
Hatha Yoga Teacher
Refinements in Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Jnana Yoga


Please note: this is a special program not affiliated with Yoga Alliance.