Hire a TAXI

Taxis are typically about $30 from airport. They will ‘greet’ you eagerly at the airport. While in Ubud, there are also taxi drivers everywhere. A lift locally is about $3-5. 

Rent a CAR

Rentals are $18–$20 per day or $180 - $280 per month for the vehicle, with cheap fuel kindly subsidized by the government at about $0.60/L. Driving is a challenge at first, but enter the flow and you’ll find that the Balinese are gentle, courteous drivers.


An automatic scooter costs $60 per month and is the most common and convenient way to get around. Parking is a breeze and you can skip past the traffic when it’s gridlocked. Buying a new scooter will cost you around $1,400.


You can rent a bicycle for about $25/month or you can buy a used one for $70 gives or takes, should you plan to stick around. 


Many people, places and spaces are walking distance

Getting to the beach

The beaches in the south are about 1 hour away should you choose to visit on Sundays (our day off). You can hire a taxi for about $35 to take you there, wait for you and then take you back.