Pre-training requirements

The pre-training preparations are established to bring the body, heart and mind into alignment that you may arrive in Bali for the teacher training with clear intention, openness, and integrity. 

Daily practice 

Start practicing 4 to 6 times per week. We will be practicing 6 days a week for about 5 hours each day (asana, pranayama, meditation etc.). Integrating a regular yoga practice into your life now will help you prepare for this intensive sadhana.

Required reading

Please read the following texts prior to the training:

  1. Light on Life by BKS Iyengar
  2. Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  3. Power of Now by Eckharte Tol le

The following two books will be used during our training, please purchase and bring:

  1. Teaching Yoga Essential Foundations and Techniques by Mark Stephens
  2. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Chip Hartranft

Required viewing

Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley (DVD)

Daily journaling 

Journaling is a powerful way to mentally prepare for the training: to gain clarity of intention, bring your deepest values to the surface, explore and release any fears or anxiety, dissolve any expectations, to inspire yourself, and to soften and open to possibility.