Simply Being Retreats

You are a precious jewel - one of a kind. Rest, restore and relax as you are - in the fullness of presence and the stillness of simply being you! 

2018 Retreat dates


  • July 16 — Tasting Freedom 
  • July 17-30 — Discovering the Power of Loving Presence


  • Nov 1 — Tasting Freedom
  • Nov 2-15 — A Deep Dive into the Power of Loving Presence

Have you ever taken time to just let yourself "be"? 

Is it time to stop, take a break from striving and come home to yourself? Imagine 14 days free of any pressure to achieve, fix or change anything. Come and experience the freedom that arises when you rest in simply being as you are. 

Relax into a depth of loving presence, with practices and techniques to support you in remembering the fullness of being and the perfection of the moment. Enjoy deepening this connection with time in nature and gently held spaces, and the potency of silence, spaciousness and stillness. Discover the healing power of connecting with like-spirited community as we explore authentic and conscious communication as a vehicle for insight. 

Each day will include with slow deep yoga, guided meditation, open self inquiry, restful contemplation, community connection, delicious and vital food, and either restorative practices or nourishing visits to the spa - all set in the abundance of Bali's natural beauty. 

The intention of this retreat is not to accumulate more techniques and practices; rather, it is a letting go, a freeing yourself of any ideas that you are not already full and complete. 

Take this time out to discover the richness and perfection of simply being. Remember there is nothing to fix or change, but the infinite to adore: you! 

Daily Schedule

7- 10           Gentle deep Morning Practice - including puja, pranayama, asana, meditation
10 - 11         Self Inquiry - Discover True & Lasting Happiness - independent of conditions.
11 - 2           Rest and Silent Contemplation
2 - 3            Group Lunch
3 - 4:30      Sharing Circle
4:30 - 6      Alternate between restorative practices and nourishing spa treatments

what's Included

  • Yoga, guided meditation, self-inquiry
  • Plenty of space and quiet for deep and restful contemplation
  • High vibe lunch (daily)
  • Community connection and insight sharing  
  • Restorative evening practices
  • Nourishing spa treatments (14-day retreat only) 
  • Time to rejuvenate in the natural beauty of Mother Bali


1 Day - $97
14 Day - $1897

Please note: airfare, accommodations, and transportation to/from the airport are not included.