YOGA - The Path of Awakening

— A Yoga, Veda, and Tantra Deepening COuRSe—

300 HR YAC

About this Course

The path from being lost in suffering, to awakening, to embodiment is a process which takes many years. While in the absolute sense we can say it is true that we are already divine and complete in and through, the sense of the experience for the seeker may be quite the opposite. This course provides a deep inquiry into the nature of spiritual awakening and the paradox of it being both immediately available here and now and yet also is experienced as an unfolding process as we are called to bridge the gap between our Humanity and our Divinity.

Therefore the material in this course will offer a complimentary balance of ‘absolute’ teachings and ‘relative’ teachings. Absolute teachings point you back to the your essential nature and the truth, freedom and happiness that is available immediately here and now. Relative teachings offer practical tools and practices to manage and heal the physical, emotional, psychological and cognitive being through the tumultuous the process of spiritual maturation. Rooted in the both the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga and Veda complimented by modern transpersonal psychological perspectives, this course is meant for those who are sincerely spiritually seeking and/or are in the midst of a spiritual awakening process who and are seeking guidance to navigate smoothly, safely, and effectively. This knowledge and tools gained from this course can potentially shaving off years of tangential seeking and unnecessary suffering on your journey forward.

This 300 hr module is offered in three 100 hr modules. It is strongly advised that all three are taken and they are taken consecutively as follows

Module I: Preparations

Module II: Awakening

Module III: Awakening to Embodiment

Weekly Satsang with Tanya

In Bali or online those who are interested, registered or have completed the course


— essential preparations for awakening

Through both the traditional lens of Yoga and Veda as well as a modern transpersonal psychology lens, this course will support you in navigating your spiritual journey consciously by offering greater context clarity and direction, to shave off potentially years, even decades, of tangential seeking and unnecessary suffering. You will learn:

The teacher cannot give you awakening, they can only guide you back to yourself, you have to do the work. Guided by ancient teachings by those who’ve walked the path before the processor awakening is ‘personal inquiry’ based. In this way, the teacher will point back to yourself for answers


Essential Tools

The greatest intention and therefore emphasis for this course will be to integrating the absolute essential qualities for awakening:

  • Presence / Mindfulness

  • Discernment between permanent and impermanent

  • Loving Acceptance / Non-resistance / Non-attachment

  • Passion for truth and freedom from suffering

  • Gratitude and offering orientation to life as it unfolds ( vs. a ‘not-enough’ / ‘wanting more’ orientation)

Universal Practices

Learn important practices for opening to insight

  • self inquiry

  • contemplation

  • meditation

Supportive (Integrative) Yoga Practices

Learn valuable practices that support holistic well-being and psychological-emotional maturing to strengthen and open the body and mind for a smoother process:

  • hatha yoga

  • pranayama

  • puja ritual

  • japa

  • mantra

  • sacred text study

  • sattwic yogic diet (vitalising, calming, cleansing)

  • sattwic environment (calm, clear vital)

Ongoing Life Practices

  • Neutralizing emotional reactivity and avoidance tendencies

  • Karma Yoga - receiving moment with glad acceptance, offering in thought word action - without attachment to results

  • Deeply contemplating universal values ( nonviolence, contentment, passion for truth, compassion etc.)

  • The Pancha Maha Yajnas - The 5 great offerings ( ‘Super Therapy’ for emotional- psychological growth)

  • Common myths, misinterpretations, traps, delusions


Universal Teachings

Receive teachings rooted in Advatia Vedanta (non dual teachings):

  • The inquiry, the ‘practice’, the truth, freedom is HERE and NOW

  • Deeply honoring, skillfully managing and effectively healing emotional - psychological being

  • Inquiry into True Self, the nature of the ego and its relationship to suffering

  • Inquire into the fundamental problem

    • why do we suffer?

    • how is suffering created?

    • why do I keep repeating the same habits and behavior?

    • what is the nature of mind

    • Is my mind trustworthy?

    • Are my beliefs actually true?

  • Inquiry into the fundamental solution

    • is there a way to live without suffering?

    • what is true source of freedom and happiness?

    • what is my essential nature?

    • what is fundamentally, universally true?

  • Learn and cultivate the qualities of studentship:

    • Presence, Discernment, Nonresistance, Fit Body-Mind, Desire for Liberation

  • Sacred Maps:

    • Overview of the Vedic Map to liberation

      • preparatory practices and beyond

      • stages

      • signposts

      • warnings

    • Bhakti Yoga, Puja and Mythology

    • Karma Yoga - Power of Conscious Action and Conscious Attitude

    • Upasana Yoga and The Classical Yoga Path of Self Realization - The Power of Silence and Stillness

    • Jnana Yoga

  • The Grace factor

Transpersonal Psychology For Healing and Spiritual Growth

  • The nature of conditioning and the role of the ego

  • New Self vs True Self

  • Consciously navigating the Death Rebirth Process

  • Learning to embracing challenges as opportunity - they are an essential ingredient in the process of awakening.

  • Integration of insights

    • the blessing and curse of peak experiences and states

    • expansive practices and the importance of integration and grounding

  • Conditions and Obstacles for Transformation

  • Clear signposts of positive growth trajectory

  • Working with physical-energetic being for healing and growth

    • hatha yoga

    • somatic awareness

    • breathing practice

    • nonlinear movement

    • freeform dance

  • Working with the emotional-psychological-cognitive aspect of being for healing and growth

    • Inner child meditations

    • Insight meditation

    • Guided self inquiry journaling, counsel sessions and group process

    • questioning and releasing limiting unconscious beliefs

    • getting to the source of suffering

  • Insights and Shadows

  • Choosing trustworthy teacher(s) and the student-teacher relationship

Individual Work

Each day time will be allocated for participants to navigate through an area of challenge in their life guided by specific tools, and teachings learned. As well participants will learnt hold space for others who are navigating challenges.

  • one-one with Tanya (or senior counselor)

  • partner work

  • group sharing

  • journaling

  • creating personal alter


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Bhagavad Gita



Mindfulness Practices

Heart Opening Practices

Hatha Yoga



Self Inquiry




MODULE II - Awakening

- The Sacred Masculine - The Sacred Feminine -

This module emphasizes awakening to the Sacred Masculine Principle - ‘ I am the no-thing - the eternal ever-present witness’ and awakening to the Sacred Feminine principle - ‘I am everything- the ever-changing unfolding universe’.

Through satsang, and held space and silence, this course will move the practitioner far beyond concepts into deep self inquiry, contemplation and meditation for deepening integration.

During times of identification and therefore sense of struggle - the student will be guided back to the root practices of presence discernment (between permanent and impermanent) non-resistance / loving acceptance.

Relative to the other courses there will be significantly more spaciousness to allow insight to arise, beyond concept. The primary practices will be self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation with hatha yoga , diet and environment to support these deeper practices. The intention fo this course is to gain greater clarity that HERE and NOW all is complete, freedom is available.

The emphasis of this course will be to explore the following

aspects of spiritual awakening or deepening self knowledge:

‘Transcendent Awakening’

I am the ever-present witness awareness

I am not the mind, I am the Witness to the mind

Awakening to the cause of suffering - Identification with the mind


What are the key Insights at this time

What are the characteristics of the process at this time

What are the shadows that arise during this time

Importance guidance at this time - teachings and practices

‘Heart’ Awakening

I am everything, I am existence

The spiritual heart Awakens - I am Love, I am all

Unconditional Yes to all


What are the key Insights at this time

What are the characteristics of the process at this time

What are the shadows that arise during this time

Importance guidance at this time - teachings and practices

Unity Consciousness - Self Knowledge

I am - ness

I am no-thing, I am everything, I am human

Paradox resolves

Ego Dissolves


What are the key Insights at this time

What are the characteristics of the process at this time

What are the shadows that arise during this time

Importance guidance at this time - teachings and practices

Critical Tools:

Mindfulness - resting as witness awareness

Discernment between permanent and impermanent

Loving Acceptance of all that is arising

Action without attachment to results

Key Topics:

The nature of suffering:

The fundamental problem - getting to the root of suffering

The fundamental solution - getting to the root of the source of freedom

The necessity of finding reliable teachings and qualified teacher

Freedom through Self knowledge - Moksha

The nature of I:

Koshas - Maya , Impermanent phenomena: physical, energetic, mental-emotional, cognitive, spiritual

The States: waking, dream, deep sleep

Stages of Consciousness (in terms of Viaragya)

The faceted Jiva

Mythology and Archetype - The Goddesses

Practices to support integration:

Daily Hatha yoga practice, nourishing food, in nurturing environment


Satsang - Q & A with teacher

Sacred Text

Self inquiry, Contemplation , Meditation

One-One with Tanya

Community Sharing

Time for individual healing and integration work

  • Each day time will be allocated for participants to navigate through an area of challenge in their life guided by specific tools, and teachings learned. As well participants will learnt hold space for others who are navigating challenges.

    • one-one with Tanya

    • partner work

    • group sharing

    • journaling

    • creating personal alter

Sacred Texts Referenced:


Bhagavad Gita


The emphasis of this course is to look deeply at the gritty unfolding human experience of spiritual awakening to embodiment, and offer context, orientation and tools to help you navigate consciously. Awakening to our essential nature is not characterized by an accumulation of new, more and better but rather it is characterized by a destruction, a shedding of all our limiting beliefs we have about the nature of ourselves , the work and God. While ultimately the trajectory of awakening is liberating, this process along the way is largely characterized by disillusionment. This shedding of identity and worldview and the life as we knew it can be very uncomfortable and unpredictable, particularly if we have no preparation, tools, context or guidance. The individual expression of the awakening process spans the spectrum of smooth and incremental to sudden and life-crushing and most often somewhere in-between. While kundalini awakening is not necessary for spiritual awakening, it is not uncommon to experience intense energetic phenomena along the way ( and the physical, emotional, psychological phenomena that come with it) and we will spend some time discussing this topic to offer valuable context, orientation and to learn tools for safe management and integration.

The material in the course is rooted in ancient and timeless teachings of Yoga and Veda in partnership with modern transpersonal psychology perspectives on the death-rebirth process, or spiritual emergency. It is the purpose of this course to bring awareness to the elements of this process and provide tangible tools for navigating consciously that you may have the safest smoothest transition possible.


  • What is Awakening - description, characteristics

  • The absolute necessity of mindfulness, loving acceptance, discernment

  • Grounding and Integrating Practices

  • Unconscious material is coming up to be seen, validated, integrated

  • New Self (individual transformation) vs. True Self ( transcending individual self identification)- Characteristics of genuine spiritual awakening vs personal transformation experience

  • Awakening the 7 Chakras:

    • Emergent dimensions of being

    • Balance and Imbalance/Shadows

    • Practices for Healing and Integrating

  • Deeper, universal characteristics of the unfolding trajectory

  • Kundalini and the raw energetics of awakening:

    • Kriyas

    • involuntary energetic phenomena

    • involuntary emotional upheaval

    • mental overwhelm, confusion

    • extrasensory and paranormal phenomena

    • samadhi experiences

    • health risks/ hazards

    • tools for integration

  • Peak Experience vs. Spiritual Emergency vs. Psychosis

  • Practice of mindfulness, validation, and dis-Identification all impermanent phenomena, as well as management

  • Challenges and Opportunities,

  • Death-rebirth and the dark night of the soul

    • Managing Fear

  • Guidance for deepening and integration

  • Common Shadow at this time

  • Ayurvedic diet to stay balanced, grounded, healthy

Practices and Tools

Establishing open presence - resting as witness

Discrimination between permanent and impermanent

Offering loving acceptance towards all impermanent objects

How to manage overwhelm

Grounding calming, balancing hatha yoga

Grounding, calming, balancing pranayama

Conscious directing of of attention - internalisation-externalisation, subtle-gross

Self Inquiry, contemplation, meditation

Tantric kriyas - grounding, integrating

Somatic healing and integration

Surrederred Flow (nonlinear release)


Diet - Ayurvedic perspective


Kundalini Tantra





Self Inquiry


who is this for

This program is for:

  • those who recognize true happiness is your birthright

  • are disillusioned with modern myth of materialism and separatism, and are seeking depth and meaning

  • have a predominantly spiritual orientation to life and a passion for truth

  • recognize the importance of mindfulness and want to strengthen that practice

  • recognize the power of love and self acceptance and want to truly embody it

  • want to dive into depth of practice and reflection for deep healing and insight

  • are fascinated by ‘spiritual awakening’, and want grounded and authentic teachings

  • practice yoga and are curious to understand its depth beyond modern yoga’s material orientation

  • those who are in a transformative period, perhaps disorienting and deconstructive period, and are are seeking guidance

  • are having peak experiences and are wishing to integrate

  • want practical tools for integration including guidance on food, activities, environments, behaviors, tools, practices

  • Those who want to avoid fragmented, diluted, misappropriated, lofty, superficial and ‘new age’ teachings and are looking for comprehensive, trustworthy, effective guidance.

  • You recognize the value and see the relevance in the ancient teachings of the wisdom traditions

  • Those who seek teachers and teachings that empower you by ultimately pointing you back upon yourself , that you may recognize - you are that which you seek. You are already whole already holy already free - here and now.


Veda, from which Yoga and Tantra have its roots, clearly provide us all the ingredients necessary for spiritual growth and realization. The Vedas are often referred to as ‘The Sacred Womb of Transformation’. Like a baby in mother’s womb- the teachings provide us with all the protection and nourishment we need to spiritually grow that we may be ‘reborn’ - through recognition of our essential nature. The teachings offer appropriate guidance to meet the student exactly where they are at and reliably guide them to take their next most natural step forward. The ancient wisdom teachings of Veda are rooted in universal principles of the nature of self, the universe and divine consciousness, the nature of suffering and the source of freedom. In this way, they are as relevant now as they have always been, and they are available for any truly sincere seeker.


BSc. Integrated Science, Master Yoga Teacher (20 years), Vedanta Teacher, Transpersonal Psychology Coach, Director of Spiritual Integration Centre at Yoga Barn

I have always had a philosophical mind, and felt before I make any big decisions for a career path - I have to get some kinda clarity around what I felt to be pretty important. The culturally inherited story was gravely disatisfying and full of holes. From an early age - I asked the fundamental questions - what is really true, how does it all fit together ? Why is there so much suffering and what are the root solutions? Really, truly, before I made any big life decisions I wanted to know - how can I be happy? Ans so my journey began…

At the time - the most obvious step was to take a degree in Integration Science which looks objectively at the relationships between the interior(subjective) and exterior (objective) domains, and the one and the many, and how these relationships evolve over time. In other words integration looks at the relativity of space and time. It was an intellectual pursuit and satisfying to a great degree at that time, and also and helped orient my trajectory of learning. I continued with an obsessive self directed study of leading thinkers in the field of transpersonal psychology such as Ken Wilber, Clare Graves, Alan Combs, Stan Grof.

During this time I began practicing yoga. From the very first class - a fire was lit. As my practice continued, insights and deep knowingness, beyond intellectualization, started pouring through, answering my deepest questions. Although my practice was brand new, it felt like a deep and ancient remembrance. Like I had picked up a thread from a past lifetime and was now continuing my path.

What became fascinating to me was that Yoga is a system of integration, taken to its end self realization. Bu the difference between a science degree and yoga was that the degree pointed to the topic of integration, while yoga actually integrated. While the degree suggested oneness, yoga and veda guided me to the truth of myself through direct recognition, beyond concepts. In over 20 years of yoga practice, spiritual inquiry and teaching - I have yet to find anything that offers the same degree of completeness, impact and the universality of Vedic teachings. And so, it is my greatest passion and deepest honor to share the teachings and practices with you as they were shared with me.

Nearly a decade ago, while driving through the rice paddies of Bali on my way to work - I had a simple and profound recognition that - ‘I am not the story in my head’, ‘there is no ‘I’, and that ‘this identification with this illusory story has been the cause of all my suffering’. Synchronistically, about a week later, I met my teacher Swami Vagishananda who offered deep unfolding of what had been seen. I have been sitting and continue to sit with him today. This ‘awakening to self as the ever-present, changeless witness’ fundamentally changed the unfolding trajectory of my life.

Several years later, quite suddenly and unprovoked, I experienced a profound Kundalini awakening. For three hours, incredible amounts of energy and heat rushed through my spine, my body undulated and moved (kriyas) in ways that are impossible for me to replicate deliberately. The only option at the time was complete surrender to what seems to obviously be some kind of intelligent process of cleansing the mind-body system. This initiated a multi-year process of ego deconstruction, emptying out. The years to follow proved to be the most intensely challenging and yet ultimately liberating. Naturally over this time - I became obsessed with understanding this process, and my primary resources were the sacred texts , as they had proved to be utterly trustworthy in the past. In addition, I sought out many modern masters of various traditions and backgrounds to help me navigate my experience as consciously as possible. All the while, again and again, the saving grace was always resting as witness awareness, not identifying with the arising events. During this time, more and more students would begin to see me for consultation regarding their own experiences of awakening. While I am still , and will always be a student - I feel my studious nature, combined with direct experience, has put me in a position where I am able to support those through this process. And it is my deepest honor to offer in any way I can.


Through my lens of experience, it seems to me that there is a groundswell of people going through an awakening process of some sort. Im not surprised that it comes in tandem with a general increase globally in stress and sense of crisis. Crisis triggers transformation, and sometimes spiritual awakening. While this process can be be very challenging it holds great promise if handled mindfully. I feel it is extremely important to have have mentors of integrity, effective tools, resonant community and most importantly dharma (sacred teachings) to navigate as smoothly as possible.