Embrace yourself exactly as you are.

  Tanya shares the timeless wisdom of yoga and veda to support your every-day and spiritual life.

With 20 years of dedicated practice, study and teaching - she offers a rich and potent integration of hatha yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice, spiritual teachings rooted in Vedanta.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training- The Art and Science of Transformation (200hr - YAC)

Yoga and Veda - The Path of Spiritual Awakening (300hr - YAC)

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2019 - Private & Semi-Private YOGA TRAINING in Bali with Tanya

Is it time? Are you ready to dive deep and connect more deeply to yourself, to spirit, to your truth?

Allow the magic of Bali, the wisdom of yoga, and the personalized guidance from an experienced teacher to awaken you to the beauty and wonder that you are!

Come learn yoga, a system of self realization, in the traditional way: in a one-to—one (few), teacher-student relationship. We are all infinitely unique. There is no set sequence, practice, or teaching that applies to every person at all times; they must be customized to meet the individual’s unfolding development. The right teaching at the right time is key. Nowadays, one-one teachings, tailored to the individual are rare to find, and yet so valuable for a smooth and effective spiritual journey. The student benefits from the guidance of a teacher who has walked the path before, who knows the terrain, the hazards, the pitfalls, and helps keep the student on track. they offer clear and appropriate teachings, practices and ongoing feedback.

Tanya has spent nearly 20 years of systemic study and practice of yoga as a path of healing and self realization with a specialized lens in integral transformation theory. She is now offering private (and semiprivate) and teachings only to students who are very sincere, open, and passionate.

Prior to your training - Tanya will meet you to discuss your goals and asses your developmental needs so you can mutually align your intentions. Not only will the training give you the skills, knowledge and embodied experience to step into teaching with confidence, but will also provide you with the invaluable context and orientation to support you on your yoga journey moving forward. Combining disciplined practice, learned theory, and individualized guidance, you will be taken on a journey into deep self relfection, healing and empowerment. In a intimate and grassroots environment, the atmosphere created will be one of discipline, authenticity and warmths, with a balance of depth and lightness, structure and intuitive flow. Upon your return home, follow up Skype session consultations will be offered to support your integration process.

Expect to commit about 8hrs/day (+/-) for one month. Those who successfully complete the training will receive a 200hr Yoga Alliance certification in Hatha Yoga. (300 hr trainings in Jnana Yoga also an option.) Tanya will only be taking a small number of students this year and is only interested in very dedicated and sincere students who appreciate and are thirsty for a spiritual orientation to Yoga.

Private - 7000 USD | Semi-private (2-8 pax) - 5500 USD

Please contact Tanya for more information - admin@tayakaps.com


ONLINE CLASSES Cultivate a personal practice at home and when traveling

Deepen your personal practice wherever you are with online yoga classes. Introducing At Home with Tanya, a space where we can stay connected and explore a more personal kind of yoga, together.

Check it out at: AtHomewithTanya.com