Many people are waking up out of the modern paradigm of separatism and materialism. When the illusion crumbles, we need to seek meaning and purpose elsewhere. If we can no longer reliably look outside ourselves for happiness, the only place to turn is within. The spiritual journey begins.

Discover the ancient and timelessly transformative knowledge of Yoga, Veda, and Tantra to support your spiritual journey.

Tanya has devoted her life studying and applying and sharing the teachings of transformation and spiritual awakening through yoga, sacred text study, dedicated spiritual practice complemented by academic study of Integrated Science (BSc ) and Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Coaching. Together with nearly 20 years dedicated teaching, practice and study of the spiritual awakening process, she creates and curates spiritual deepening courses, rooted in traditional teachings. She is currently based in Bali teaching at the renowned Yoga Barn.

The courses integrate both immersive trainings (for powerful direct experience, intensive learning, initiation into practices) in combination with ongoing online support (to facilitate regular practice and offer guidance, deepening insight and integration)

The advanced courses are offered as a progressively deepening pathway of Karma and Bhakti, then Jnana, Tantra and will offer foundational teachings and practices, context and orientation to support an informed, reliable and potent journey of self discovery forward. Think of the courses as potent seeds, that you continue to nourish with care and diligence, for the fruits of spiritual growth and awakening.


200 hr - Foundations Teacher Training 200hr

Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda

The Art & Science of Healing & Transformation

Bali Immersion: Feb 1 - Feb 28 2020, The Yoga Barn


  • Gain the tools and knowledge to be a confident teacher

  • Take a transformational journey of self discovery

  • Deepen your yoga practice

  • Connect with community, nature and spirit

This program is suitable for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga in general and also for those who aspire to become a certified yoga teacher. The curriculum includes

Dedicated Daily Practice - Puja, asana, pranayama meditation, satsang (2.5 hrs ++)

  • Anatomy

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Subtle Energy and the Chakras

  • Posture Analysis: Alignment Principles, Adjustments

  • Pranayama - Breathing Practices

  • Sequencing

  • Teaching Principles and Skills

  • Teaching Practicum

  • Bhakti Yoga: Kirtan and Puja

  • Sacred Sound Healing

  • Integrational Workshops and Community Events

  • Delicious and Healthy Food

  • Idyllic environment, at the renowned Yoga Barn, in Ubud,Bali

BONUS: This teacher training is unique! We offer two specialized modules:

I: Transformation with Yoga & Transpersonal Psychology (10hrs)

II: Heal and Thrive with Yoga & Ayurveda (10hr)


  • The emphasis of the 200hr training is Foundations of Hatha Yoga and Learning Skills of Teaching. Those who graduate will have skills, context and experience to step into teaching with inspiration and confidence.

  • For those with a spiritual orientation to Yoga, the 200 hr course provides introduces the key ingredients for the spiritual journey ahead - Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana, Tantra as well as Ayurveda and therefore prepares you for the advanced training 300hr: ‘YOGA - The Path of Awakening’.



Bhakti - Karma - Classical - Jnana - Tantra

2020 - Sep 2- 22 (immersion)

  • 3 week Immersion - initiation into practices (100hr)

  • + 6 month sadhana, guided online, 1 hrs+/day

Module I - Bhakti, Karma & Classical Yoga (100hr)

Module II - Jnana Yoga (100hr)

2021 - dates t.b.a

  • Module III - Tantra


This course is for those with a deep desire for spiritual growth through the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Veda and Tantra as originated in the Himalayas. They have left us a map and tools so that we may claim our birthright - freedom through self realization.

Spiritual awakening is a universal and timeless and inevitable process. When consciously engaged with, the process accelerates. The 300 hr program is shares the path described in the Vedas, as well as Tantra, taught by Tanya and a curated faculty of master teachers who share from lineage and also direct experience in her unfolding spiritual life for teachings that are authentic and impactful, born of tradition (versus new age, personal innovation). Throughout the course Tanya will be available for one-one counseling to answer questions and offer guidance.

The Spiritual Path

For the spiritual seeker, the movement of conscious awareness naturally moves from external to internal, from gross to subtle; and beyond and ultimately integrates all as Self. Therefore, the seeker is given practices and teachings that meet them where they are and help them take the next most natural step. The teacher/teachings offer maps, tools, warnings, refinements and clarifications, as well as benchmarks to help asses the degree of integration. It will be up to the seeker to ‘do the work’. Once the practice has given its fruits, the next practice is offered, which open the seeker to the next stage of spiritual awakening.

While it is absolutely true, many people these days are awakening outside a traditional structure or spiritual context, the journey of awakening is characteristically challenging, full of highs and lows, and often dangerous. I have found that these ancient teachings are akin to ‘finding a road map’, to offer the smoothest journey possible saving people from unnecessary struggle, chaos, and confusion. Finding a reliable guide is precious during this time.

Finally, while it is absolutely true that we are already full and complete as we are, in the words of Adyashanti “ It doesn’t do any good if we don’t know it”. As long as we believe we are separate, we will experience a sense of suffer. The spiritual path bridges human and divine - from believing we are separate and limited to knowing and embodying our true nature as limitless one.


First Stream - Initiation, Preparation and Orientation

The yogi embarks on their journey by becoming mindful of lifestyle choices and personal habits in order to navigate life consciously and harmoniously. This key step strengthens and opens the body, gives psychological and emotional maturity, and awakens a strong spiritual orientation to life. The preliminary courses: Hatha Yoga (200hr), as well as Ayurveda, Karma Yoga & Bhakti Yoga provide foundational teachings and practices for this step.

Second Stream - Self Exploration

Eventually, the yogi will have to become still, and learn to be deeply present and deeply accepting of themselves and their mind. Through classical yoga, which includes self management and emphasizes meditation the yogi will both integrate and transcend the mind. This awakens insights into the nature of mind as well as recognition of a more intrinsic sense of self. The module on Classical Yoga provides foundational teachings and practices for this step.

Step III - Self Discovery / Self Realization

As their journey continues, insights into the nature of self, the world, the divine, the source of suffering and freedom are revealed and integrated. Jnana Yoga, opens one to the freedom available through self knowledge. Sitting with a Vedanta who unfolds the teachings from sacred texts, the seeker engages in deep listening, self inquiry and contemplation. Tat-Twam-Asi (universe - you- are that) is revealed and gives freedom from psychological suffering through self knowledge. This is called Moksa. The course on Jnana Yoga guidance for this stage.

The entire path up can be described as one of purification of ignorance through deepening self knowledge. At some point, energetically the kudnalini will rise through shushumna nadi and the yogi will come to an embodied union of Shiva and Shakti. This embodied oneness, and ego -death, is death of individuation. The Tantra teachings and practices are invaluable at this stage. The course on Tantra Yoga provides foundational teachings and practices for this step. Furthermore the Tantra practices can support you in maintaining physical- mental balance during this characteristically challenging phase.

It is said that while now the Classical Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Tantra have evolved as independent pathways to the Divine, they all will eventually merge back to the one source, revealing one universal truth as they originated out of the one source - from the Rishis in the caves of the Himalayas .


Tanya’s intention is to support sincere spiritual seekers, and those in the midst of spiritual crisis or awakening who are in need of guidance. Both as teacher and student, Tanya will always relies on the timeless wisdom teachings for guidance as they truly are a precious jewel, a treasure map for true peace, happiness and freedom.

The program is for those who clearly recognize yoga has nothing to do with acrobatics, performance, or ‘feeling good’, but rather is for those who have a deep desire for spiritual wealth and are looking for clarity, context and orientation for spiritual growth. Through curation and creation of online content as well as immersive trainings and retreats it is my deepest honor to support your spiritual journey.

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Journey with Tanya Online

Cultivate a personal practice at home and when traveling

Deepen your personal practice wherever you are with online yoga classes. Introducing At Home with Tanya, a space where we can stay connected and explore a more personal kind of yoga, together.

Over 200 hrs content including

  • yoga classes of a variety of styles ( Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle)

  • breathing exercises and meditations

  • yoga philosophy

  • posture library

  • 21 class yoga training course - Principles of Hatha Yoga practice

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